Renewable Installations

We offer the latest in renewable installations such as solar panels and air source heat pumps, perfect for reducing your energy bills. Claim £7,500 is BUS grant money.

Air Source Heat pumps

An ideal renewable installation alternative for homes, flats or buildings with limited space. Our air source systems are designed to provide hot water and heating all-year round with little maintenance and quiet operation.

Air to water heat pumps are relatively similar to air to air heat pumps. They also use latent heat in the air to generate heat within your property. However, they also have a built-in hot water cylinder. They can replace an old or low-quality boiler and provide plenty of hot water to any space. Get your renewable installations quote today. 

These units run entirely on electricity, making them a great, ecofriendly option or the perfect option for buildings that have no access or restricted access to mains gas.

Air Source Caversham. Renewable installations
Renewable installations

Solar Panels

Reducing your energy bills with renewable installations with the latest technology.

Solar panels are increasingly popular to generate clean, environmentally friendly hot water and electricity. Our approved and fully trained team have installed hundreds of panels and will guarantee the highest quality of work.

You can provide yourself with 50 – 70% of your hot domestic hot water requirements with a well sized solar panel system. Not only does this reduce your carbon footprint, but it can cut heating costs too. The remaining percentage of your hot water requirement will be provided by a more traditional boiler.

Renewable installations

Ground Source Heat Pumps

Generate your heat from the ground.

Perfect for new builds or that dream house you are planning. A highly efficient renewable installation and cost effective clean source of hot water and heating for your home. Our expert team are available for advice, planning and design today.

The sun always produces latent heat on the ground, no matter what the weather. Underground temperature also remains at a constant 12 degrees and this energy can be harnessed by an effective glycol based ground source heat pump system. Ground source heat pumps like this use this latent heat to provide you with a constant supply of hot water and heating in your home.

Generally speaking, ground source heat pumps can generate four kilowatts of energy for every single kilowatt of electricity used. You can also benefit from grants, feed-in tariffs, and cash backs when you opt for ground source heat pumps.

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